Teaching Vocabulary and Pronunciation


Course summary:

Discover new ways to present, practise and assess vocabulary and pronunciation to help your learners use language communicatively, including how to teach sounds, stress and intonation.

Suitable for:

This course is ideal if
  • You include sessions that focus on vocabulary or pronunciation within your lessons.
  • Your learners are finding pronunciation difficult.
  • You want to help your learners increase their vocabulary.
  You should already have

This course is appropriate for teachers with any level of experience.

                                                                                                         * Recommended but not essential




  Certificate of Completion
  Your certificate from Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Language Assessment is awarded at the end of the course.
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Words really are the driving force of language.They're the most important building blocks in how we express what we want to say. Pronunciation is how we say it, and this is important too: using an inappropriate stress or intonation pattern can make a speaker difficult to understand, appear uninterested or even rude! This course will help you understand what it means to know a word, and equip you with the key terms, techniques and methods for teaching learners to use words effectively in both writing and speech.
  By taking this course, you’ll learn
  • How to teach vocabulary and pronunciation skills more confidently.
  • New ideas you can experiment with for presenting, practising and consolidating vocabulary, sounds, stress and intonation.
  • Techniques for assessing vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • How to reflect on this and its implications for your teaching.



Online Self-Study
  • Read and complete exercises in your web-browser, from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Video, text and interactive activities to reinforce understanding.
  • Discussion forums with other teachers on the course.
  • Online Journal to reflect on what you learn.
  • End-of-course quiz provides feedback and suggests areas for revision.
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Course duration:

15 - 25 hours of study
  This is an estimate. How long the course takes will depend on the amount of time you spend on the course activities, posting to the forums, reflecting in your Journal, etc.

12 months to complete

  This is how long you’ll have access to the course once you enrol. Any material you wish to refer to in future should be printed during this period.



  1. What Learners Need to Know About Vocabulary
    Form, Meaning and Relationships; Learner Needs; Identifying a Focus.
  2. Presenting New Vocabulary
    Translating Vocabulary; Eliciting, Realia and Word Relationships; Choose Appropriate Strategies; Checking Understanding; Sequencing.
  3. Practising Vocabulary
    Matching Activities to Needs; Practice Activities; Preparing for Class; Observing a Teacher.
  4. Teaching Vocabulary from Texts
    When to Teach with Text; Choosing Authentic Texts; Vocabulary Tasks; Identifying Cohesion.
  5. Consolidating Vocabulary Knowledge
    Learning Strategies; Note-Making Strategies; Using Dictionaries; Keeping a Word Bag.
  6. What Learners Need to Know About Pronunciation
    Learner Needs; Matching Activities to Needs; Identifying Learner Difficulties.
  7. Teaching Pronunciation with Vocabulary
    Pronunciation Features; Practising Word Stress; Observing a Teacher.
  8. Teaching Pronunciation with Grammar
    Pronunciation Features; Practising Word Stress; Observing a Teacher.
  9. Assessing Pronunciation and Vocabulary
    Assessment and Testing; Assessing Vocabulary; Testing Vocabulary; Assessing Pronunciation.
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