Grammar for Teachers: Language Awareness


Course summary:

Improve your knowledge of English grammar and your ability to use it with confidence, through clear explanations that include word classes, present and past tenses, future and perfect forms, and passive voice.

Suitable for:

This course is ideal if
  • You need to improve your own understanding of English grammar.
  • You want to refresh your knowledge of English grammar and the terminology used to describe it.
  • You are interested in how the English language works

This course is about improving your own grammar, not teaching it. If you’d like to improve your grammar lessons, try Teaching Grammar.

  You should already have
  • B2 level English or higher.
  • Some knowledge and experience of the language systems of English.
  This course is appropriate for teachers with any level of experience, including teachers in training.



  Certificate of Completion
  Your certificate from Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Language Assessment is awarded at the end of the course.
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As a teacher, it’s essential you have a strong grasp of how grammar works. This course will help you understand word classes, such as nouns, adjectives, determiners and modals; present forms, such as present simple and present continuous; past forms, such as past simple, past perfect and conditionals; forms that bridge the past and the present, such as present perfect; future forms, such as going to and will; the passive; and reported speech. Knowing how these work will give you confidence in class, and help you teach these concepts to your learners successfully.
  By taking this course, you’ll learn
  • The form, meaning and use of the most important grammar structures.
  • The terminology used to describe English grammar.
  • How to reflect on your own language awareness.



Online Self-Study
  • Read and complete exercises in your web-browser, from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Video, text and interactive activities to reinforce understanding.
  • Discussion forums with other teachers on the course.
  • Online Journal to reflect on what you learn.
  • End-of-course quiz provides feedback and suggests areas for revision.
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Course duration:

10 - 20 hours of study
  This is an estimate. How long the course takes will depend on the amount of time you spend on the course activities, posting to the forums, reflecting in your Journal, etc.
  12 months to complete
  This is how long you’ll have access to the course once you enrol. Any material you wish to refer to in future should be printed during this period.



  1. Nouns and Pronouns
    About Nouns; Using Nouns; Types of Pronoun.
  2. Adjectives, Conjunctions and Prepositions
    About Adjectives; Using Adjectives; Conjunctions; Prepositions.
  3. Verbs and Adverbs
    About Verbs; Types of Verb; Modal Verbs; Adverbs.
  4. Present Tenses
    Present Simple; Present Continuous; Referring to the Present; Modal Verbs.
  5. Future Forms
    Future Structures; Using Future Structures; Conditionals.
  6. Past Tenses
    Past Simple; Complex Past Structures; Using Past Structures; Conditionals; Referring to the Past.
  7. Perfect Forms
    Present Perfect; Present Perfect Structures; Present Perfect Simple; Adverbs with Present Perfect Simple; Contrasting Uses; Conditionals.
  8. The Passive
    Using the Passive; Direct and Reported Speech.


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