Grammar for Teachers: Language Awareness


Course summary:

Improve your knowledge of English grammar and your ability to use it with confidence, through clear explanations that include word classes, present and past tenses, future and perfect forms, and passive voice.

Suitable for:

•   Inexperienced teachers who want to improve their knowledge of English grammar
•   Experienced teachers who want to refresh their knowledge of English grammar
•   Future teachers who want to gain an understanding of English grammar.

You should already have:

•   English at B2 level or higher  What’s this?
•   an interest in studying how the English language works.


You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.


Language areas covered on the course include:

word classes, such as nouns, adjectives, determiners, modals
present forms, such as present simple and present continuous
past forms, such as past simple, past perfect and conditionals
forms that bridge the past and the present, such as present perfect
future forms, such as going to and will 
the passive 
reported speech.


By the end of the course you should be able to:

use English grammar terms more confidently
understand the form, meaning and use of a variety of grammar structures
reflect upon your awareness of language.



Online self-study

The tasks within this course encourage you to reflect upon your own knowledge of the English language.

To successfully complete the course, you will be required to:

•   check your progress and understanding, through a range of interactive activities 
•   participate in discussion forums with other teachers
•   keep a learner journal.

An end-of-course quiz will provide feedback on your progress and suggest areas for revision, where appropriate.

Course duration:

About 5 hours.

You have 12 months to complete the course.


•   Unit 1: Nouns and pronouns
•   Unit 2: Adjectives, conjunctions and prepositions
•   Unit 3: Verbs and adverbs
•   Unit 4: Present tenses
•   Unit 5: Future forms
•   Unit 6: Past tenses
•   Unit 7: Perfect forms
•   Unit 8: The passive


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