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Helping teenage students develop their self-esteem in ELT - Consultant Advice

Herbert Puchta

Dear Members

I'm Herbert Puchta, your Consultant for Young Learners, and this week I will be discussing self-esteem (confidence in yourself and a belief in your qualities and abilities) with particular reference to teenager learners. I shall also be looking at the impact of self-esteem on the teen classroom and ways in which we, as teachers, can help to develop a better sense of self-esteem in teenagers. 

According to recent studies (e.g. Richard Reasoner) a lack of self-esteem and self-worth often leads to a defensive and negative attitude in teenagers - the outcomes of which we have probably all experienced at some time. In my video, I consider how this attitude can present itself, both inside and outside of the classroom, and ways in which we can help teenagers overcome this. 

I also consider studies such as those conducted by Baumeister and Crocker and Carnvale on some approaches to helping teens overcome self-esteem issues and what the outcomes of these studies may suggest to us.

To see my discussion of these ideas, please watch my video. 


At the end of my video, I ask two questions for your consideration which you might like to use as a starting point when thinking about this subject:

  • Which of the points in this video do you particularly agree or disagree with, and why?

  • What strategies have you personally used successfully to strengthen your students’ self-esteem?


I'll be here in the forum all this week, answering your questions and exploring the ideas in more detail.

So, what do you think?


Your Consultant is available to respond in this thread only during the week of 12 September 2016 (Mon–Fri). After or before this, we encourage you to continue discussing the ideas yourselves. Don’t forget to follow this thread, so you can keep up with the discussion as it progresses (once you've signed in, just click "Subscribe" in the top right).


Published 8 Sep 2016

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Last post by Muhammad Shujaat
on 16 Sep 2016
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