Jack Richards

Approaches to teaching pronunciation - Consultant

Jack Richards

Dear Members

I'm Jack Richards, your Consultant for Methodology and Linguistics, and this week I will be discussing approaches to teaching pronunciation.

In my video, I consider how approaches to teaching pronunciation have changed with the various changes in methodologies. I will also reflect on accent, how this can be influenced by a learner's sense of identity and the increasing importance of 'intelligibility' over 'accuracy'. I will also discuss briefly some of the observations and suggestions made by Jennifer Jenkins on what features are taught as part of 'standard' English pronunciation and whether these are vital to intelligibility. 


I'll be here in the forum all this week, answering your questions and exploring the ideas in more detail.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Your Consultant is available to respond in this thread only during the week of 10 October 2016 (Mon–Fri). After or before this, we encourage you to continue discussing the ideas yourselves. Don’t forget to follow this thread, so you can keep up with the discussion as it progresses (once you've signed in, just click "Subscribe" in the top right

Published 6 Oct 2016

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Last post by EVELYN OJI
on 15 Mar 2017
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