CET Clinic - Learner Experience Design in theory and practice

Nick Robinson & Jo Sayers

At ELTjam we believe that success in the world of ELT, as a teacher, a writer, a publisher or a product developer, will come down to this fundamental question: ‘Who understands learners – their context, motivations and desired outcomes – best?’. This is such a key question as it helps us improve learners' experiences. Join us on Facebook on Wednesday 1st February at 2pm as we discuss how a more ‘user-centred’ approach has impacted other industries and why we believe that focusing on the learner experience (LX) is so key for people working in ELT today. And ask Nick and Jo your questions. 

Next month, on 1st March, we will follow up this session with a more detailed look at Learner Experience Design (LXD) and discuss practical ways that we as teachers and educators can make sure that we are providing experiences for learners that match best with their context, motivations and desired outcomes.

Consider the following questions:

  • What do you understand by the phrase ‘user-centred design’?

  • How aware are you of the ‘user experience’ of the products and services that you use?

  • What problems do you help solve for your learners each day? How effective are your solutions?

  • How would you describe a positive learning experience? What contributes to it? And what about a negative one?

  • How do you think most learners of English would rate their experience of learning the language? What do you think would impact their answer?

  • As more and more apps are created to help people learn English outside the classroom, what will be the impact on way that people go about learning English, both in and out of the classroom?

Please add more questions on Facebook, either before or during the event, and Nick or Jo will answer as many as possible.

Published 30 Jan 2017

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Publication date: 30 Jan 2017

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